Product Disclaimer

Product Disclaimer: 

Manning Valley Offroad, also referred to as MVOR, and, offers the following statement regarding product terms and conditions;

Every endeavour has been made to ensure all products are constructed to be safe and reliable, however all products are designed, sold, and intended for offroad use only. Any onroad usage will need to be inspected & certified by an engineer or other appropriate signatory at the owners expense. It is always recommended that you consult your preferred engineer/ signatory prior to commencing any vehicle modification to unsure such modifications are safe & acceptable in your state/ location. The vehicle owner/operator and/or product fitter accept full responsibility for the safe fitment/ maintenance/ and long term reliability of the products. MVOR is takes no responsibility for any loss or damages caused buy abuse/ neglect/ mistreatment/ poor fitment/ or poor maintenance of any of the components. MVOR assumes all of its products to be free of defects and will replace any product free of charge once returned for inspection and determined to be defective within 45 days from the original purchase date. MVOR will not cover the cost of removal/ refitment/ shipping/ or any loss or damage to a vehicle or surrounding component caused by any defective product. MVOR will not accept returns or issue refunds for any change of mind purchases without prior written approval. Product testing has been carried out using stock standard non-turbo engines only. Product testing has not been carried out on turbo/ high powered engine applications.

Most products are generally kept in stock, however please be advised that some products may take 7-10 days production time prior to shipping

Please note: The term "Full Package" used in some product descriptions is used to indicate that each Barra engine conversion component which MVOR offers for sale are all bundled together into one convenient package for purchase. This does NOT mean it is a 100% complete conversion kit. Manning Valley Offroad does not offer any 100% complete conversion kits. Various items will still need to be sourced elsewhere in order to complete an engine conversion.

The appearance of some products will vary from the photos due to improvements with their designs.

Budget vs. Deluxe:

Budget & Deluxe packages both contain the same pre assembled products, but with the following differences:

  • Budget items are sold at a lower cost and come in a raw finish. They are unpainted and will require minor cleaning (preferably sand blasting) prior to painting.
  • Deluxe items are sand blasted and coated black to prevent rusting.

If any of this info is unclear and you would like further clarification prior to purchase or have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message via the "Contact" link, or for a faster response please feel free to send an inbox message via the Facebook page.

Thank you, Manning Valley Offroad.