Alternator relocation brackets + bolt set (Alternator only)

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Alternator relocation set only- Available by request.

Barra alternator relocation brackets & bolts only (no P/S relocation set)

The Alternator relocation brackets allows the unsealed alternator to be placed up high away from mud and sand which greatly extends the life of the alternator. This product listing is for anyone who wants the alternator relocation brackets only. For anyone who would like the Alternator and Power steering pump relocation brackets together (and other packages) please check out the other product listings.

The bracket set is laser cut for a neat finish, and the rear bracket for the alternator comes pre-assembled (welded). The final product will vary slightly from the ones in the pic, but with the added benefit of being a stronger design.

The bracket set includes the following: 1x Alternator front bracket, 1x Alternator rear bracket (pre-assembled), 1x spacer (welded to rear bracket- no longer separate as pictured), 1x bolt set.

Please note this is not a complete "kit". You will require additional parts that are to be sourced by the vehicle owner/ person carrying out the work (e.g. mounting bolts). The alternator relocation brackets are designed & intended to be used in conjunction with the power steering pump relocation brackets. Without the use of the P/S pump relocation, the owner/ fitter is solely responsible for their belt layout and belt size selection in order to complete the job.

Photos shown are for example of alternator fitment only. You are purchasing the alternator relocation brackets only. Photo's of prototype model shown. Actual product will vary slightly due to design enhancements.

This is the Budget option which is bare metal (requires cleaning and painting).

Important notice: All products are sold for offroad use only. Any onroad usage may need to be inspected & certified by an engineer or other appropriate signatory at the owners expense. It is always recommended that you consult your preferred engineer/ signatory prior to commencing any vehicle modification to unsure such modifications are safe & acceptable in your state/ location.

Postage available within Aus