(Pre-order) (Package Deal) Barra into Nissan Patrol GQ/GU.

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Please allow 1-2 weeks for pre-order items to be cut & assembled.


Budget Package deal: (Unpainted)

Barra into Nissan Patrol GQ/GU & Ford Maverick.

Fits Turbo & Non-turbo Barra engines.

The package includes the following:

  • 1x Alternator front bracket
  • 1x Alternator rear bracket (pre-assembled)
  • 1x P/S front bracket
  • 1x P/S pump spacer plate
  • 1x P/S pump rear brace
  • 1x set of 12.9 grade high tensile socket head bolts + nyloc nuts/ washers
  • 1x pair of engine mounting brackets (Offset type mounts)
  • 1x Accelerator pedal bracket
  • 1x Power steering reservoir bracket (Suit ZD30 remote reservoir) Suits both GQ/GU Patrols.


Alternator & P/S pump relocation brackets:

The Alternator & power steering pump relocation brackets allows the unsealed alternator to be placed up high away from mud and sand which greatly extends the life of the alternator. The power steering pump is a closed unit which is a lot less likely to get harmed by mud and sand, so it can be placed lower on the engine.

The bracket set is laser cut for a neat finish, and the rear bracket for the alternator comes pre-assembled (welded).

Please note this is not a complete "kit". You will require additional parts that are to be sourced by the vehicle owner/ person carrying out the work. The P/S pump reservoir needs to be replaced with a remote unit. This will require sourcing a replacement reservoir(e.g. ZD30 type)/ hoses/ fittings etc. This setup also requires a longer belt. Assembly pics are available from the "Useful info" link on the website, and in the photo album section of the Facebook page.


Barra engine mounting brackets: 
Weld on chassis brackets to allow Falcon Barra engines to be fitted into Nissan Patrol GQ/GU & Ford Maverick.
Laser cut from 6mm plate.
Fishplate design backplate for extra strength.
Offset style mounts holds the engine slightly off centre to aid in clearance between the turbo & steering shaft when using the stock turbo and manfiold.
Suits BA/BF style rubber mounts. Fitment photo shows the prototype bracket in position.
These mounts take the hassle out of designing them yourself, and come laser cut for a professional looking finish for your conversion. The backplates come with a 40mm hole in the center to allow the center to be welded for extra strength. 

The mounting brackets come fully welded and lightly coated in primer to reduce surface rust.

Note for FG/ FGX engines: The stock FG/ FGX engine mount setup is simply too wide to fit between the Patrol chassis rails. To run an FG/ FGX Barra in a Patrol, you need to replace the engine mounts with BA/BF style rubber mounts & alloy brackets.


Barra accelerator pedal bracket:

This one bracket is designed to fit BA to FGX style pedals, and is also designed to fit both GQ and GU Patrol's. Laser cut from 3mm steel sheet, the bracket comes folded, welded, and primer coated (black) to give your conversion a professional looking finish. This is a simple solution to mounting the Barra's drive-by-wire accelerator pedal which takes out the guesswork and headache of designing your own bracket. There is also a small amount of height adjustment for each pedal style so you can set the pedal height to you preferred position. An updated bracket design is now offered and will vary slightly from the style shown in some of the photos.

*Updated pedal bracket varies slightly from the pictures shown. The new style also fits the BF type pedal

      All items are sold in raw finish (unpainted). Cleanup and painting is recommended.

      Disclaimer: All products are sold for offroad use only. Any onroad usage will need to be inspected & certified by an engineer or other appropriate signatory at the owners expense. It is always recommended that you consult your preferred engineer/ signatory prior to commencing any vehicle modification to unsure such modifications are safe & acceptable in your state/ location. Product testing has been carried out using stock standard non-turbo engines only. Product testing has not been carried out on turbo/ high powered engine applications.

      *Note: "Full Package" & "Package Deal" means all the products that I have to offer are all in one package. It is not a complete conversion kit.

      The appearance of some products will vary from the photos due to improvements with their designs.

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