Switch plate assembly. Suit FG/FGX to "RE4" auto for GQ/GU Patrol.

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This optional plastic switch plate is for anyone running a Barra engine (with FG/FGX accel. pedal) in front of their Patrol "RE4" 4-speed auto trans and running the stock auto TCM.
This allows you to set up the TCM to still receive full throttle/ released throttle position voltages (via the accel. pedal) once wired in. *Note: TCM also requires a variable voltage signal to indicate actual throttle position.
The plate mounts to the pedal bracket utilizing 3 existing holes (accel. pedals from 7/2020 onwards). Previous pedal brackets uses 2 existing holes, and the 3rd will require drilling.

The switch plate comes with 2x micro switches, 4x screws, 3x mounting bolts & nuts.

Note: The switch plate assembly is to suit the pedal mounting bracket which is sold separately. 

Postage available to anywhere within Aus.

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