Switch plate assembly. Suit BA/BF to "RE4" auto for GQ/GU Patrol.

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This optional stainless steel switch plate is for anyone running a Barra engine (with BA/BF accel. pedal) in front of their Patrol "RE4" 4-speed auto trans and running the stock auto TCM.
This allows you to set up the TCM to still receive full throttle/ released throttle position voltages (via the accel. pedal) once wired in. *Note: TCM also requires a variable voltage signal to indicate actual throttle position.
The plate utilizes to 2 lower mounting bolt holes on the BA pedal, and any height adjustment made to the pedal will also move the switch plate the same amount.

The switch plate comes with 2x micro switches, 4x screws, 1x switch post, and 1x switch post screw.

Please note a 3mm hole will need to be drilled in the pedal for mounting the switch post.

Note: The switch plate assembly is to suit the pedal mounting bracket which is sold separately. 

Postage available to anywhere within Aus.

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